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Levpano 2 Pro Plasterboard Lifter Horizontal & Angled Fixing 


Designed for lifting plasterboard or drywall products into horizontal and angled positions.

The LEVP2 can position plasterboards and drywall materials safely up to 3m in length to a height of 3.5m. Safely held in place by its telescopic arms. Fitted with a Patented 2-cable safety system.

The first is the main hoist cable, the second is the anti-fall cable.
Moving around on site is easy as well with its 3 swivel wheels 2 of which are lockable.

Key Information

Maximum Board Length
Maximum Load Capacity
Maximum Load Capacity
No Extension Bar 4.5m With Extension Bar 3.5m

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
Boots Icon


Time Price
1 day £43.2
2 days £64.8
3 days £86.4
7 days £108
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How can we help?

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