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A Small but powerful lone worker

The S100 is the archetypal Bobcat loader. Only 1200mm wide, but with a high load capacity and a powerful motor this machine will perform all day long and come back for more.

We have fitted ours with protective front screens for demolition work, Power Bobtach to quickly transfer between attachments and a choice of pneumatic or solid tyres depending on your worksite.

Choose between; Loading buckets, pallet forks, industrial grapples and whatever tools we have just added to the list - we will have or will find the tool for you. Think of the machine as a Swiss Army Knife on wheels and you will get the picture.

Perfect for reducing the number of people on site and complying with the physical distancing regulations.


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Bobcat S100 Skidsteer Loader


Key Information

Tipping load
Operating capacity
Operating weight
W 1167mm, H 1878mm, L 2800mm

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
Boots Icon


Time Price
1 day £203.4
2 days £305.1
3 days £406.8
7 days £508
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How can we help?

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