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Using a pump? Then you must think about these...

As the largest supplier of pumps in the Channel islands, we like to ensure you have everything you need at your disposal.

The Silt Away units can be used with our larger pumps to ensure that your discharge water is suitable for the drains and water courses receiving it. - This is a proper regulation, so you must make sure you comply before you start pumping.

The water passes through the filter unit over a lamella platebox (we know!). This slows down the water allowing suspended solids to drop into the chamber below. This can then be cleaned out and the material properly disposed of.

Settlement tanks are an older concept, simpler but still effecient. Often used together with the Silt Away, they provide "belt and braces" protection.

Liftable by lorry loader and connected with quick release bauer couplings they can be delivered and installed very quickly in times of need.

Call us now to discuss what you bneed to pump, how fast and from where to where and we will advise our best solutions.


Siltaway Seperation Unit 5000L

Key Information

Silt Away
Weight - 1200kg Water capacity - 5000 litres Dimensions - 2320l x 2320w x 2015h
Settlement tanks
Weight - 805kg Capacity - 3000 litres Dimensions - 2400l x 1200w x 1200h

Safety Equipment

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Time Price
1 day £76
2 days £113.9
3 days £151.9
7 days £190
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How can we help?

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