Nissan eNV200 Electric Van

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The first electric van rental in Jersey

We are committed to investigating and providing sustainable solutions for now and the future. So, here is the first fully electric van for hire in Jersey. The NV200 has already proved itself as the go-to small van for the Island and now, with a zero emission range of 180 miles it is the perfect , clean solution for any use.

We supply the van fully charged and give you different charge cables for use in public charging units or with a normal 13amp plug - whatever suits you.

The normal NV200 benefits are still there, compact but spacious, twin side doors for easy loading and a comfy driving station for all day use. Watch out though - it goes like a scalded cat!

Priced a little above the diesel NV200 but you do save on fuel costs, so what are you waiting for?


Nissan E-NV200 ELECTRIC Panel Van

Key Information

Environmental output
CO₂ - No local emission.
Overall dimensions
L 4.40m H 1.86m W 1.69m
Loadspace dimensions
L 2.04m H 1.36m W 1.50m W between wheelarches 1.22m Volume 4.2 m³
705 kg
Licence required
Category B

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
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Time Price
Daily Charge £65
How can we help?

How can we help?

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