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Now 4hire refills every piece of diesel equipment with sustainable RD100 HOV fuel every time we top them up.

HVO is a drop in fuel that not only reduces CO2e emissions by up to 90%, it also hugely reduces other pollutants including suplhur, NOx, hydrocarbons and fine particles.

By refilling all of our fleet of rental equipment as well as our transport vehicles with HVO we are making a huge dent in our carbon footprint.

So can you. We can supply on-site fuel tanks and bowsers and arrange the seamless supply of HVO. If you have a van from us, you can refill at selected Rubis fuel stations island-wide.

Yes, RD100 is quite a bit more expensive than traditional diesel, but we will all have to accept the costs of reducing climate change. However, when you work out the actual cost of fuel per production unit of whatever your business does, we think you will be surprised just affordable is can be.

We will help you work it out if you want as well.

Find out more about our 4theplanet work here

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How can we help?

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