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Compact and light top-handle 63 cc petrol saw with blade brake – cutting depth up to 120 mm with 300 mm blades

Wet or dry operation



  • Top-handle design for even more compactness and light weight
  • Fast blade stop – the blade stops in less than 10 seconds
  • Cutting depth up to 120 mm with 300 mm blades
  • Achieve even higher cutting speeds by using with customized Hilti blades
  • Pre-tensioned belt – no belt maintenance required by the user



  • Laying paving – cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Masonry work – cutting bricks and blocks to size
  • Metalwork – cutting steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets
  • Construction work – cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls
  • Sewage work – cutting where working space is limited


12" Petrol Cut Off Saw HILTI


Quick Instructions: 

Cold Start Instruction CLICK HERE

Warm Start Instruction CLICK HERE

Disc Exchange Instruction CLICK HERE


Key Information

Motor cylinder
63.3 cm³
Rated power
3.2 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)
558 x 326 x 370 mm
Blade arbor range
20 mm - 25.4
Disc diameter
300 mm
Cutting depth
120 mm

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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Time Price
1 day £32
2 days £47
3 days £63
7 days £79
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How can we help?

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