14” Bridge Saw (1.2m) - 110V

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Norton Clipper CST120A 14” Bridge Saw (1.2m) - 110V

The Norton Clipper CST120A (Aluminum) is a high precision, premium-quality professional bridge saw with a 14” blade capacity and a 1200mm (1.2m) maximum cutting length. It provides users with the power of a masonry saw with the cutting length of an extended tile saw.

This strong, robust and high-performance radial cutter features a 1.8kW single-phase motor and is perfect for the straight and angle cutting of a diverse range of ceramic, porcelain and vitrified floor and wall tiles, together with a comprehensive range of concrete and masonry building materials, as well as natural stone products like marble, granite and limestone.  

It has a premium modular aluminum construction with rigid chrome-plated dual overhead guiding rails which ensure accuracy over the entire 1200mm (1.2m) cutting length. It is equipped with a tilting cutting head with screw feed cutting depth control for the easy cutting of mitres, an integral electric water pump for wet cutting and has an anti-slip rubber layered table for improved material stability and improved cutting accuracy. It is also supplied with a side extension table and transportation wheel kit as standard too.


Despite the obvious physical size of the Clipper CST120 ALU, it is surprisingly easy to move to and around site, thanks to its reduced-weight aluminum construction and incorporated folding legs, carry handles and transportation wheels.

This strong, powerful and precise premium-quality cutter is ideal for cutting a wider range of materials rather than just larger sized tiles like other competitor models, thanks to its generous blade capacity (14”/350mm), maximum cutting depth of 110mm (@ 90o) and powerful 2.4Hp/1.8kW single-phase motor.

It is manufactured using premium-grade materials and quality components throughout to ensure optimum cutting performance and accuracy. It features a number of product refinements which are uncommon on saws in its class, like an anti-slip rubber layered table for improved material stability and a transportation wheel kit. The side extension table supplied with the CST120 ALU as standard, increases the table width from 660mm to 960mm and in doing so, provides a larger work surface for materials to be laid on for improved product stability and enhanced cutting accuracy.

The CST120A is also equipped with a tilting cutting head (45°) with screw feed depth control for easy mitre cutting.


Key Information

Minimum Transformer
3kVA Continuous, 5kVA Intermittent
Motor Power
Max. Cutting Length
Blade Capacity
Maximum Cutting Depth (90º)
Maximum Cutting Depth (45°)

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
Boots Icon


Time Price
1 day £60.9
2 days £91.4
3 days £121.8
7 days £152
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