Master B150 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater

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Master B150 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - Dual Voltage 44kW



Perfect for climate control in large areas

This oil fired space heater is ideal for controlling climate efficiently and cost-effectively in industrial and commercial sectors. This 44kW dual voltage heater has an impressive air flow of 900m³/h and is the perfect application for warming large areas that require a constant flow of hot air.

Portable. Powerful. Professional.

Ideal for construction & industry

This oil fired space heater is efficient and powerful. The Master B150 features an integrated trolley and a lightweight chassis for easy maneuverability. This direct oil fired heater is easily transported from site to site and is simple and has easily serviceable parts including oil and suction filters and an oil tank level indicator. These heaters can also be attached to external analog or digital thermostats to give operators even more control over the application area temperature.

Safe & Reliable

High quality safety features

This 44kW space heater is best used in open and well ventilated areas. Incredibly safe to use, this oil fired heater boasts photocell cut off, electronic flame control, stainless steel combustion chamber, overheat switch protector and a high air displacement as standard. This oil fired heater is the perfect addition to effectively control climate in large areas. This portable heater creates large volumes of instant heat and distributes it where it is required.

Please note: Direct oil fired space heaters use a combustion system to create instant hot air and do not expel the fumes separately. Only use direct oil fired heaters outdoors or in open and well ventilated spaces. Proper ventilation of the area is necessary to prevent the reduction of the oxygen supply.

Key Information

Heating Capacity
Heating power
150500 Btu/h
Dual Voltage Power Supply
Tank Capacity
Fuel Autonomy
L x W x H (mm): 1075 x 600 x 480

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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Time Price
1 day £47
2 days £70
3 days £93
7 days £116
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