Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

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Solid performance in the pipe, over the top or in the manhole.

The Leica Piper series helps you to work with confidence having the perfect instrument for your application and need. Built with a rugged aluminums housing, these pipe lasers perform powerfully even in tough jobsite conditions.

In addition, the Piper Green series offers you four times better visibility of the laser providing you higher leveling accuracy. This allows you to work at longer distances from the instrument position even in sunny conditions. Often used in water and sewage the green series improves the usability also in those use cases.


  • Compact and powerful:

    The pipe laser that fits inside a 100 mm/4 in pipe.
  • Automatic grade compensation:

    With the housing rolled up to ± 3°, the Piper will compensate and correct for the grade errors.
  • Heavy duty trivet:

    With easy grip handle, heavy base and clear markings on the pole to adjust and set the height.
  • Multi-function remote:

    Works up to 150 m (500 ft) for line control and other features.
  • Green beam:

    Four times better visibility of the laser for longer measurement distance and higher levelling accuracy

Safety Equipment

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Time Price
1 day £39
2 days £57
3 days £76
7 days £94
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