EasyCube 105L Wheeled fuel container

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EasyCube 105L Wheeled fuel container, with lockable cover

EASYCUBE Wheeled, UN Approved, 110% bunded, fuel container, c/w lockable cover. 

This bunded portable Fuel Storage Tank is ideal for small fuel requirements or where access is limited. They are easily moved and fit through most doorways. Fuel dispensed by an optional hand pump.

  • Poly in steel UN Approved for transporting fuel on the public highway
  • 110% enclosed, weatherproof bund to ensure environmental compliance with PPG2 Regulations for fuel storage
  • Easy to handle “wheelie bin style” design
  • Unique dimensions ideal for use where access is limited – can fit through doorways and in lifts.
  • Removable inner tank - which allows full access to the secondary containment area.
  • Access hatch for quick and easy maneuvering when detached from trailer.
  • Built-in lockable equipment cabinet provides safety and security from equipment or fuel theft.


Key Information

Capacity - Safe Fill (95%)
102 Litres
Dimensions (L x W x H)
680 x 600 x 1025 mm
Weight - Empty
Weight - Full
168 kg
Design Approvals
ADR IBC Type 31HA1

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
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Time Price
1 day £16.3
2 days £24.5
3 days £32.7
7 days £41
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