Pressure Washer with Bowser

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Mobile washing power

 The mobile bowser washer takes the cleaning power to where you need it.

With its integral 940 litre water tank and 28 litre chemical tank you can load up and get working.

The 3000 psi petrol powered washer unit is quiet and reliable.

Key Information

Honda Petrol
Max pressure
3000 psi
Water flow
15 litre/min
Max run time
Water 60 minutes Fuel 70 minutes
Trailer weight
Empty 450kg Full 1500kg
Standard hose length

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
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Time Price
1 day £99.4
2 days £149.2
3 days £198.8
7 days £248
How can we help?

How can we help?

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