Weldmaker 300AVC

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Portable welding power

With noise levels reduced by more than 12% compared to other competing products, the Weldmaker 300AVC is designed for use in numerous and varied applications. Average sound levels of the welder are below 60dB(A) at 7m, meeting all the latest European noise and CE legislation.
With compact, stylish design and weighing significantly less than comparable models, the Weldmaker 300AVC offers a welding output from 30 Amps to 300 Amps. Powered by an electric start Kubota diesel engine with a micro processor controlled engine output, engine speed is automatically controlled to the welding and auxiliary output as required.
300 Amp Diesel Welder (No Power outlets)

Key Information

Environmental Output
Fuel consumption 1.81 L/h CO2e output 4.85 kg/h
Kubota Diesel
Welding: 30A – 300A 1 x 110V 16A 1 x 110V 31A
Running time @ 75% load
10.5 hours
Operating weight
475kg Ring Hitch

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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Time Price
1 day £107
2 days £161
3 days £215
7 days £268
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How can we help?

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