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use the power of the sun to run your site, event, offices.....

The fantastic new Solarpod by AJC Cabins is our first solar hybrid generator. With a combination of solar PV panels, military spec battery storage bank and a backup generator it delivers enough power for site office complexes, public events and general site use with up to 95% reduction in fuel consumption and therefore pollution!

We can tailor the performance set-up to each application, but with a peak output of 30kvA and a continuous output of 20kvA it will cover most applications.

Remember - being sustainable always takes a little more planning - its the ability we love to crank things up quickly that causes the problems. With planning and the correct application amazing savings can be made.


Call us to discuss what you need and we will work together with you for the benefit of us all.



Generator 10 kVa with solar upgrade

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How can we help?

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