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Site or event - illuminated

Mobile tower lights are the best way to illuminate large areas quickly.
We offer two solutions depending on the requirements you have.

The smaller "VT2" unit uses 4 traditional high power lamps on a 6M high mast.

The new 9M high mast units use 6 LED heads for a fantastic spread of white light. Being LED they have a run time measured in days because of their amazing effeciency.


Key Information

Floodlights -  Metal halide Lamps -  4 x 400W Illuminated area - 2000m2 @ 20 lux Lifting system - Manual 7m mast Site-tow trailer
Floodlights - Metal Halide Lamps - 4 x 1000W Illuminated area - 4200 m2 @ 20 lux  Lifting system - Electric 8m mast Road tow trailer

Safety Equipment

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