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Site or event illuminated

Mobile tower lights are the best way to illuminate large areas quickly.
We offer two solutions depending on the requirements you have.

The smaller "VT2" unit uses 4 traditional high power lamps on a 6m high mast.

The new Trime 9M high mast units use 6 LED heads for a fantastic spread of white light. Being LED they have a run time measured in days because of their amazing effeciency. Automatic on/off control saves you having to ...turn them on and off.


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Key Information

Floodlights -  Metal halide Lamps -  4 x 400W Illuminated area - 2000m2 @ 20 lux Lifting system - Manual 7m mast Diesel motor Fuel consumption 1.0 L/h CO2e output 2.68 kg/h Site-tow trailer
Trime X-Eco
Floodlights — LED Lamps — 4 x 150 W LED Illuminated area — 3000 m² @ 5 lux  Lifting system — Electric 8m mast Diesel motor Fuel consumption 0.5 L/h CO2e output 1.5 kg/h Road tow trailer

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