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Professional Carpet Cleaning

The Rug Doctor X3 features innovative technology to transform your old, tired looking carpets. Remove embedded dirt and grease easily with its effective one-pass cleaning system.

Keep your carpets clean for years to come with Rug Doctor’s Mighty Pro X3 Professional!

The machine also includes an upholstery attachment for your stairs, upholstery, car interior and more. 

Clean Carpets, Healthier Home

Over time, embedded dirt and grime can damage your carpets’ fibres – leaving them flat, discoloured and unhealthy. The X3 Professional machine revitalises your carpets, removing dirt, grime, grease germs, allergens and even dust mites! Air quality will be improved, giving your family a healthier home.

Award-Winning Cleaning Process

The X3 machine uses an advanced three-stage cleaning system:


 A powerful spray injects the hot cleaning formula deep into the carpet.


The innovative brush technology scrubs and polishes individual carpet fibres.


 Finally, the enhanced suction motor removes the grime, which goes into the X3 Professional’s large capacity cleaning tank.

 Here's a great video on how to use the Rug Doctor properly


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