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We now offer the fantastic Peugeot Boxer panel van! It's not as pretty as a VW for sure, but they are actually more space efficient and with a van that's what you are after.

With air-con, sat nav and parking sensors, they are really car like to drive.

These vans are ideal for when you are moving house or clearing out the garage. Sliding side door and twin read doors allow great access. Load capacity is up to 1455kg.

As with all our vans and trucks, they can be taken away to the continent or the UK. We offer a range of insurance and breakdown covers and we even make sure you have the required safety equipment.

Now with free European Roadside Assistance.

Key Information

L 4.963m H 2.254m W 2.05m + mirrors
Load space dimensions
L 2.67m H 1.66m W 1.87m W between arches 1.4m Volume 8m³
1455kg inc 75kg driver
Licence required
Category B


Time Price
Daily Charge £65
How can we help?

How can we help?

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