Why choose us?

Let's keep it brief

We know what we're doing. Our trainers are excellent. Our courses are great. We have bags of experience. We cover a huge range of industries and skills. We tailor our courses to your particular needs. We have great facilities and equipment.

A bit more detail 

We strive to be the best

4safety is committed to providing the very best work place training on island using local trainers.

We're thorough

4safety tailor courses to a wide range of industries, to nationally recognised and accredited syllabuses.

We're flexible

4safety courses can vary from basic safety in the work place to specific training for heavy plant machinery operation.

We cater for everyone

4safety can train and assess novice, semi-experienced or experienced members of staff.

Our trainers are really, really good

4safety uses local, accredited trainers for NPORS courses. This ensures compliance with the relevant standards and all aspects are subject to ongoing audit regimes.

We take the time to find out what you need

We are more than happy to meet with clients to discuss any specific training requirements.

We design courses that work for you

All courses can be tailored to client’s requirements, such as using their own equipment and premises, providing that a safe, suitable area can be allocated. Likewise, all courses can be held at 4safety.

We have great facilities

4safety is based at 4hire, Home Farm, Rue De Grouville, Grouville. Our facilities include a purpose built safety training room, which provides a safe and warm environment to complete written theory sections of any course.

We can train on your premises

The operation of equipment can be completed on a working site, if a safe and suitable area can be found, or it can be held at 4Safety. The classroom training can also be held at a customer’s site if requested, but a safe, dry, interruption free room with adequate welfare facilities must be provided.

We have the best equipment

4safety can provide equipment for a particular operator course by using some of the most modern equipment sourced locally from 4hire.

We can use your equipment too

4safety is more than happy for clients to use their own equipment, as long as a safe working environment can be provided. Clients wishing to use their own equipment must prove it is in good working order and must have the handbook and all other necessary paperwork.


We offer over 55 training courses in the Channel Islands. View all our training courses online or contact us if you have custom training requirements. 

How can we help?

How can we help?

Sometimes it’s easier to ask. Send us an instant enquiry below and we will get back to you shortly.