1350mm Ride-On Roller

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Our heaviest roller

Bomag rollers are the industry standard and at 4hire we carry a range of the most suitable for Jersey.

The latest machines have even more efficient vibration control and fuel efficient engine management.

All our rollers comply with the latest "Whole body vibration" regulations and are clearly marked with their performance details.

Applications include:

Compaction of asphalt layers, wear courses and frost blanket layers in new construction.

Repair work on confined, small and medium scale construction projects.

Walkways and cycle paths, parking lots, play and sports grounds.

Support for large tandem rollers in road construction, e.g. rolling of joints, pre-compaction


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1350mm Roller

Key Information

Environmental output
Fuel consumption 4.5 L/h CO2e output 12.06 kg/h
Drum width
Operating weight
Vibration frequency
42Hz – 52Hz
Max compaction force
27kN – 42kN

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
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Time Price
1 day £178
2 days £267
3 days £356
7 days £445
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How can we help?

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