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4hire is all about solutions. We listen to our customers and then work with them to provide the best solution for their needs. But, we need solutions too.

Two years ago, we approached Durrell with a problem. We had been pondering our effect on the environment and how to manage it. The problem was we didn't want to just pay to offset what we had discovered.

A discussion over a coffee - all the best plans come in this way, led us to learn of an idea that Durrell had to enable them to continue with their plans and , at the same time, educate and encourage the business community about it's responsibilities to the environment.

The problem was money, or the lack of it, to engage the right person for the project. Durrell had someone in mind, but no budget. We had recently and suddenly lost one of our 4hire family, Sisanda Luzipo and the stars aligned. We had a budget for Sisa and no Sisa. So, he lives on in our commitment to Durrell's Rewild Carbon project.

Working with Rachel Hughes and Beth Gallichan we learnt about the amazing work of Durrell and the plan to restore 5000 hectares of the Atlantic forest in Brazil, creating habitable corridors to protect and helping black lion tamarins, jaguars and so many other species. To engage with local communities and ensure the future of these habitats are secure.

To fund the work it was decided to offer an offsetting method for business - but not like the others. 

In Durrell's own, unique way, the project would engage and educate us while enabling Durrell and their partners to continue their work. No agencies or brokers getting in the middle and making a profit. That's what we discovered; in typical carbon offset models, as little as 30% of your money goes to actual fieldwork. With Rewild Carbon that is 95% !

Our involvement was just to ask the question "How can Rewild Carbon engage with real, small and medium sized businesses?" That's what's important to us. We are a real business, locally established and committed to the islands. 

In Jersey, over 80% of business in the construction sector employ 3 or less people. That follows across pretty much every local service sector. Most of our time is used in just existing as a business, paying the wages, doing the social security, preparing quotes..chasing money. Where do small and medium sized businesses find the time to save the world? 

By subscribing to Rewild Carbon, your business can actually contribute to solutions. Durrell are...Durrell. We all know them, we know what they do and the commitment they have. We trust Durrell. 

Yes, you can buy far cheaper carbon offsets and credits - it has become a traded market, driving down the offer price and the profits up. But don't. If you use Rewild Carbon you will do something with your money that does make a difference. You will also learn how to measure, account for and drive down for your emissions. Durrell have tools and support for your business to help guide you on a sustainable path.

4hire will continue to share our journey to sustainability. What works for us and what doesn't. Sustainability is a collaborative effort - we don't all need to re-invent the wheel. So much good work has been done already, but if you are, or work for, a small or medium sized business don't despair; work with others - friends, partners, competitors even. It is the only way we will build the momentum that is needed. 

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How can we help?

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