Quality audit success at 4Safety


As part of our promise to deliver the best training solutions to our customers, 4safety is accredited by some of the most stringent approved training bodies in the UK.

We have recently been audited by two of these bodies, N.P.O.R.S. and R.T.I.T.B. and we are proud that we passed with flying colours.

Carrying out a thorough examination of our policies, procedures, training and facilities, 4safety has again gained the approval of these bodies and been complimented on the standard at which we operate.

It is vital when choosing a training provider that employers look at the standards that provider works to, the accreditation of the training and that they are still currently accredited; which shows the provider has recently been audited and tested themselves.

When choosing 4safety you are guaranteed the best service together with training that compliments your business and actually benefits it. We never just deliver "tick box" training to get people through - this always ends in tears for employers when things go wrong and the H.S.I. start looking...

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How can we help?

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