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Very few companies have a full picture of the costs of running their fleets. Therefore, few also have the most efficient fleet management they can.

Based on the years of experience we have owning and operating all sorts of plant, equipment and vehicles we have developed the 4fleet solution.

 If you think that outsourcing your fleet maintenance, management or cost control is not for you - think again! 4fleet is your one-stop solution partner. 

4fleet services are dedicated to making your life just a little bit easier, while contributing to your bottom line. We think of your entire business and offer flexible solutions to help you maximise your uptime and meet your transport goals.

 Whether you own your own vehicles or want us to source and supply them; 4fleet offers the full range of services you need from fleet database creation through service and repairs to disposal and replacement.

 Our highly professional team are there to offer you valuable advice on preventive maintenance, maintenance intervals, associated parts and on doing the right thing at the right time. It’s this professional advice – together with the right service that can make all the difference and prevent unexpected, costly and time-consuming mechanical failures. Exactly what you need for peace of mind.

 By using the systems developed to manage the 4hire fleet of hundreds of vehicles and pieces of plant, we will ensure you get the most out of your assets. 

 Keeping your assets working

Using the same stringent systems, methods and facilities that we use at 4hire - 4fleet offers you the chance to have your vehicles, equipment and plant serviced, maintained and repaired to the same high standards.

 We have a motto that runs through the whole company, no more so than when it comes to asset maintenance; If it's not right - it's wrong.

You rely on your assets to earn you money and to deliver your service. If you can't rely on them how can you expect your customers to rely on you?

 Cost effective maintenance does not mean penny pinching. Spend the correct amount in the correct way and it's an investment. To many businesses the fleet or equipment you run is one of the largest expenses, so it has to be working for you. 

Efficient maintenance is based around planned, effective servicing and fast efficient repairs when problems arise. 4fleet is your trusted partner to make sure this happens.

From a simple oil change to full service planning, ask us how we will make your business more efficient.

 Quality Assured Testing

4fleet are a quality assured testing station. With accreditation from some of the UK and Europe’s most respected organisations we can be trusted to carry out periodic and immediate testing of vehicles, plant and equipment.

All road vehicles over 3 years old are subjected to annual testing in the UK, but not in Jersey... yet.

 Our vehicles may not be travelling as fast, but they are subjected to braking, turning and accelerating loads and cycles not seen in normal use for the majority of UK vans or trucks. Due to cost and income pressures, most heavy commercial vehicles are older in Jersey than the UK as well.

 This adds up to the need for regular thorough examinations on vans, trucks and their associated equipment; tails lifts, cranes and fridge units. Most tail lifts are specified to carry out 8-10 cycles per day. Locally they can operate 40-50 times a day leading to increased wear, tear and chance of failure.

 4fleet is able to carry out thorough inspections and certify as safe to use many items including; Construction plant and lifting gear, access equipment, lorry loaders, tail lifts, vans and trucks.

 Remember, employers are required to ensure that any and all equipment, including vehicles, are regularly inspected and deemed fit for use. Any modifications carried out to equipment must also be examined by a competent person to ensure they are safe and comply with legislation.


How can we help?

How can we help?

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