Get Free Site Safety Training with GAP’s Interactive Toolbox Talks

Regular toolbox talks are quick and easy way to keep your team safe on site. Traditionally, you’d get the team together over a cuppa and discuss the hazards and ask questions about the day’s work.

But on today’s busy building sites, it’s hard to get all the team together at the same time and traditional toolbox talks are happening less and less. 

To combat this our friends at GAP Group have launched their Interactive Toolbox Talks. The interactive talks, which can be accessed on any mobile device, allow

safety talks to be done individually and at a time that suits each person.

What’s included in the talks?

You and your team members will learn the latest safety information for the tools, machinery and heavy plant items they use every day. Each course is packed full of useful reminders which will help them identify potential hazards and ask the right questions if they feel there’s a problem. 

GAP’s range of Interactive Toolbox Talks is extensive. General site safety is covered in all the talks, but many of them cover specific high-risk tasks such as digger quick hitches, use of trailers and working in confined spaces.

Completing the talks will help you, your team and your business comply with current safety regulations. As we always say, safety training goes beyond just a few days spent with 4safety each year. 

How can local tradesman and businesses get involved?

You’re probably thinking this all sounds expensive. Well you’ll be pleased to know that access to GAP’s Interactive Toolbox Talks is absolutely FREE. 

Click HERE to create an account and develop your team’s safety awareness by using the GAP’s Interactive Toolbox Talks.

How can we help?

How can we help?

Sometimes it’s easier to ask. Send us an instant enquiry below and we will get back to you shortly.