A guide to hiring tools, plant, machinery and vehicles in the Channel Islands

A guide to hiring tools, plant, machinery and vehicles in the Channel Islands Image

Let’s say you’re looking to land a nice little contract in the Channel Islands. You know you can deliver on the work. But how on earth are you going to get hold of the equipment?

This is a problem we’re presented with on the daily from contractors coming to the islands, and the good news is we can get our hands on (almost) anything you’ll need.

Since the beginning of 4hire, we’ve worked closely with contractors from the UK and Europe and the same questions crop up time and time again.

Is your equipment compliant with UK & European standards?

Absolutely. We’re a professional supplier. No half measures here.  All our equipment meets the latest safety & emissions standards set by the UK and Europe, so visiting contractors can work seamlessly in the islands.

What’s your range of products like? 

Our product range always contains the latest and most efficient models available. Especially now, when environmental concerns are becoming more important we will provide solutions that aim to smash emission targets. 

We need specialist equipment. Can you help?

We have one of the largest ranges of hire equipment in stock in the Channel Islands. We can also call on the massive resources of our parent company GAP Group to supplement our local range.

If it’s not screwed down we’ll hire it out. And if it is, we’ll find a screwdriver.

Which industries do you have experience working with? 

The bulk of our work is in the construction industry, but we look after customers in lots of areas. 

If you need vans or specialist transport, we are there. Power and lighting, call us. Site welfare and accommodation, we’ve got your back. 

From events and hospitality to construction and demolition, we’ll figure out what you need and get it to you when you need it. 

Can you provide hire in all the Channel Islands?

We can hire our equipment in Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark, Alderney, Brecqou, Jehtou… you get the picture.

If you’ve got a job in the Channel Islands, we can get equipment there, like the time we helped our client deliver a Doosan 7/41 Air Compressor to the top of Hanois Lighthouse with a helicopter.

Hanois Lighthouse off the coast of Guernsey. An interesting place to deliver a Doosan 7/41 Air Compressor.

Ready to talk equipment for your job?

Our team are ready and waiting to help with equipment on your next job in the Channel Islands. Give us a bell on 01534 744744 or make an enquiry through our website.

How can we help?

How can we help?

Sometimes it’s easier to ask. Send us an instant enquiry below and we will get back to you shortly.