4Vans for the best deals!

Following a successful trial disposing of ex 4Hire rental vans we have rebooted our 4Vans brand to bring Jersey the best van deals around.

We still have some fantastic deals left on our 2012 and 2013 Transits and Trafics and are gearing up for the arrival of the next batch of 2013 and 2014 VW Crafters.

Sales are handled by David Wilson who has...well, more years than he cares to admit of experience and a reputation for being easy and straightforward to deal with.

We can also offer great deals on new vans of all makes, all UK sourced and with full manufacturer's warranties. Why not check us before you commit to a new van or light truck?

We can also offer competetive finance deals with no hidden tricks or charges.

Give David a call today on 744744 or email us on enquiries@4groupci.com