4fleet supply, 4safety train

4Fleet have supplied a new CPL A314 work platform on an Isuzu Dmax pick up to Jersey Transport and Technical Services department's arboricultural section.

The machine was specified to work on all terrains and be simple and safe in operation. The boom is mounted on an uprated Isuzu chassis to provide a reliable platform and the CPL boom is a heavy duty unit especially for tree work. This combination proved to be the most cost effective solution for the department.

"We needed a vehicle to multi task and the 4Fleet solution does this and more." said Nick Armstrong, TTS Arboricultural Officer. "We can now take our equipment and men to a job, set up and finish the work in the time it took us to just set up with ropes. This is 2 vehicles in one and the cost savings to us are self evident"

Immediately on taking delivery, the arboriculture team were trained by 4Safety to ensure that not only are they safe at work, but are also getting the most out of the investment. Although training is mandatory, good training helps develop skills and productivity which more than covers the cost.

Nigel Blandin, 4Group MD says "4group is here to provide integrated solutions for local organisations. We are always working with our customers to provide the safest, best value solution to their requirements."

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How can we help?

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