Ford Minibus 9 Seater

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Comfort and space, a winning combination

Our 9 seater mini buses are perfect for carrying up to eight passengers plus the driver over long distances. The Transit Tourneo is the luxury minibus in our fleet.

Compact on the outside the medium wheelbase set-up provides them with a spacious, light, airy interior and a 2200 litre load space for their baggage. If your business or holiday depends on transporting small groups, this could be the choice for you.

The Tourneo has climate control, reverse camera and sat nav as standard. We can also remove seats in various combinations to balance between passengers and sporting equipment such as bikes.

As with all our vans and trucks, the Shuttle can be taken away to the continent or the UK. We offer a range of insurance and breakdown covers and we even make sure you have the required safety equipment.

The 9 seater is the largest you can drive on a normal category "B" licence.

Now with free European Roadside Assistance.


We can now direct you to who provide excess protection cover from only £10.99 per day. Log on before you hire, set up the cover and you have peace of mind should you have a bit of a bump. This is a third party provider and other solutions are available.


Key Information

L 5.55m H 1.92m W 2.27m
Driver + 8 passengers
Licence required
Category B
How can we help?

How can we help?

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