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Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break Power Cutter - 110V Electric

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break is a twin-blade power cutter suitable for a range of cutting applications, including creating window and door openings, sawing grooves for cabling/expansion joints/crack renovation and pipe cutting.


Available with a set of EL10 twin mounted 230mm diamond blades which can achieve cutting depths of up to 400mm, including flush cutting close to walls and floors.

Forward blade rotation

The blades on Husqvarna electric cutters rotate forwards which is more efficient when cutting through the material and it reduces the risk of catching and jarring.

Deeper cuts

Husqvarna's unique cut and break method lets you step-cut your way through the material using dual blades, increasing efficiency. Achieve cuts of up to 400mm (16")  thanks to the twin-mounted diamond blades and long and slim tool body. The blade guard can be adjusted to enable flush cutting close to walls and floors

Designed for comfort and safety

The power cable is connected to the rear of the machine underneath the handle, enabling comfortable handling and convenient, safe use.

Easy to maintain

Achieve longer service intervals thanks to the protective carbon brushes. A one-piece inspection lid and Torx screws mean easy assembly and servicing.

Great for paving and pipes

Use the K4000 Cut and Break to cut through paving stones, kerbs, cast concrete and building blocks. It is also proficient for cutting pipes.



Key Information

Blade Diameter
230mm x2
Maximum Cutting Depth
32A / 5kVA Continuous

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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