100kVA Silent Generator

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Our largest standard generator

Capable of running a tower crane, or even a complete smaller site, this machine will cope with most local needs. 

You will need a qualified electrician to connect your power as it delivers either via 415V 3-phase sockets, or directly from the distribution board.

Still on a road tow trailer, we can deliver at any time of the day or night in case of an emergency.



100 KVA Generator

Key Information

Environmental Output
Fuel consumption 17.1 L/h CO2e output 45.8 kg/h
Deutz Diesel
Max: 111kVA Continuous: 105kVA Frequency: 50Hz
Output sockets
One unit has 1 x 415v x 63A + 1 x 415v x 125A or Direct from distribution board Other unit has 1 x 415v x 63A, 1 x 415v x 32A, 4 x 240v x 16A or Direct from distribution board
Running time @ 75% load
20 hours Up to 100 hours with additional tank
Operating weight
2300kg With a ball hitch

Safety Equipment

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Time Price
7 days £584
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How can we help?

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