1 Tonne Electric Excavator

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The perfect indoor digger! Micro size - Maxi Green Power! 


Works all day

The E10e has a state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion, maintenance-free battery pack with an advanced management system, designed to fit within the standard machine envelope to maintain the machine’s ZTS profile.

Following the daily working routine, the E10e can operate throughout a full 8-hour day, using operator breaks to recharge the battery. Using an external super-charger functionality, the battery can be recharged to 80% of battery capacity in less than 2 hours. The battery can also be recharged overnight by using the on-board charger from a standard 230V grid. Plus, the new machine is easy to maintain and safe to operate.

Light and compact to fit indoors

With its safe, near silent, zero-emission design, the E10e provides a very attractive solution for contractors and home users alike – for indoor demolition, basement projects, and works in other sensitive areas where low noise or night time work are important.

High performance

Thanks to the constant power curve provided by the electric powertrain, the E10e provides the same, or even better, performance as the E10z diesel machine.

The E10e keeps all of the proven E10z performance such as:

  • Ability to pass through standard doors (710 mm min. width)
  • Maximum stability with 1100 mm max. width
  • Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) functionality
  • Extra oil cooler allowing full-time use of the breaker
  • Double-acting auxiliary for more advanced attachments




1.0T ELECTRIC Micro Excavator




Key Information

Environmental output
CO₂ - No local emission.
Energy consumption
Battery capacity 12.7 kWh Working time - average digging work - 8 hours Working time - rockbreaker - 4 hours
Operating weight
1201 kg
Dig depth

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
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Time Price
1 day £162
2 days £242
3 days £323
7 days £404
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How can we help?

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