1.9 Tonne electric powered excavator

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The first production electric excavator is here...now!

The new JCB 19E-1 is a proper, no compromise electric excavator. With identical performance to the diesel machine, the benefits of this machine are clear;

  • No local emissions - work inside with no worries
  • Massively less noise - work around the public with less distruption
  • No dust - no exhausts and cooling fans to blow dust around
  • Less vibration - the driver gets a much nicer drive
  • No pollution worries - no refuelling means no spill worries

Watch the machine in action. Click here

Hear from someone who has used it. Click here

The 4 pack battery gives you enough on board energy to get a normal full shift in. Ok, if you are running a rockbreaker all day, flat out, you will need to recharge at breaktimes, but normal day-to-day work? No sweat.

Charge times vary from 2 hours with the 3 phase "supercharger", through 8 hours on 240v or 12 hours on 110v - so overnight basically.

We can also rent you the amazing Solarpod to give you true, clean "middle of a field" energy! Check it out here; Solarpod

So, lots of people will moan about this; It'll go flat. It'll blow up and catch fire. It won't work in the mud... We have had these machines in the workshop and in bits - they are the real deal, built to work in the harshest applications and shrug it off.

If you have to work inside, around people going about their lives or even overnight - go electric!  It's just better...


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Key Information

Environmental Output
Battery capacity 20Kwh Co2e output 0.081kg/hr
Operating weight
1902 kg
980mm -1330mm
2345mm Canopy is removable by customers following a suitable risk assesment
Dig depth

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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